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Does work everywhere? mails are best seen on modern desktop browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari) although it does work fine on most Androids too.

So it works even on mobile phones?

It works on smartphones that have modern mobile browsers including those found in Android. may have issues showing content on some versions of iOS on the iPhone.

Does it support pictures?

Of course. Attach a picture and send it to your friend. The picture will fade away in a few seconds. Gone forever. However, if you send a picture then any text along with it would be dropped. We'll change this later on… but for now, write your text in the subject line itself.

What actually disappears? My email's still here!

Well, only what you write *inside* the email disappears. The mail would still remain with the subject, the date-time and the headers intact. The mail's content, however, is gone. Forever.

What does the downloaded extension do?

Technically you don't need to install anything to send a Simply appending dot fade dot li ( at the end of your recipient’s email address; like this: and this will do the job. However, it's a bit of task to manually change email addresses of all your recpients one by one. This is where the Gmail plugin for Chrome/Firefox comes in handy. When you install the extension and compose a new mail, a new "" button shows up next to the "Send" button. This "" button simply appends to all the addresses in TO and CC and sends it - that is all it does. The extension, therefore, makes the whole process of sending Fade.lis easier and quicker.

Does it work on Gmail or any email?

Yes. You can send and receive emails irrespective of your or your recipient’s mail service. We’ve tested it on popular web-mail providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail ( and it works fine on all of those. There could be issues with enterprise mail solutions such as Outlook/Microsoft Exchange because of corporate email policies, content filters, firewalls and restricted internet.

Can I send a email to more than one recipient?

Yes. Add more recipients in TO or CC of your email's compose window. Make sure you change their addresses by adding at the end (, otherwise they'll receive a regular email.

Are there any limitations to using

Other than what's covered in these FAQs, there's a limit of 50 emails that can be sent from an email address per day.

How do you fight spam?

Every incoming is automatically checked for spam and if found, it is dropped from the queue. No notification is sent back. Email addresses consistently sending messages high in spam score will be blocked. We can't ruin our mail servers’ reputation by forwarding mails containing spam.

Can I send a email in any language?

No. Only English for now. We're working towards including all languages.

Can I control how long my emails stay?

Not right now. Usually, and depending on your friend's internet speed, a email’s text or pictures go away in 4-7 seconds. We'll give timing controls eventually.

Do you read my emails?

No. On the contrary, the whole idea is to ensure your privacy is guarded at all times. Your email's content is encrypted using banking-grade algorithms (256 AES) and securely stored on our servers. That goes for both text and pictures. The moment your friend 'sees' the streaming email, it disappears from their inboxes and from our servers as well. We delete it all. Nothing stays. No traces.

Why did you build

Because often we felt that email conversations should really be like face-to-face conversations - over the air. Sometimes, there shouldn't be any witnesses. We were also growing tired of news about privacy issues and claims of government reading our emails behind our backs… it all seemed very Orwellian. So we hacked this thing together for ourselves and have been using it for some time. Of late, we've been thinking of sharing a scalable version with the world at large. Here it is.

Why can't I see a email sent to me?

Several reasons. Make sure that images are enabled in your mail client and, while this really depends on the type of email service and browser / client you use, for Gmail - you need to click the 'Display images' link. Obviously, you also need to be connected to the internet. If you're accessing your email in a corporate environment where email is allowed, but internet is blocked, it is not going to work. Some Firewalls or Security products might also block a email. If you’re on Outlook desktop mail client (not, you may not be able to see a either.
Lastly, it could also be that you've already seen the email once before. Being a, it can only ever be seen once.

Why are some emails animating slowly?

Usually happens if the internet is really slow, or if there's a lot of text. If you're on the older 2G mobile internet, try switching to WiFi, 3G or 4G. We're optimizing this on our end. Until then, keep your fade.lis short and sweet. Or bitter.

Can my emails really not be saved?

It's a deterrent. Because the truth is - there's nothing that can 'not' be saved. Your recipient can always take a picture of the email with her mobile. Or a screenshot (in which case your computer will be littered with one screenshot for every you'll ever receive; and yes, there are ways to sort-of circumvent that for text emails)… BUT - that's really not the point. The point of is to force an off-the-record email conversation. Just like 'off-the-record' option in Google chat. We *don't* want our private information sitting in somebody else's inbox forever. And in their mail server. And the mail servers' 3 backups in 3 different continents. Why make it permanent? Why?

Why do I see emails sent to friends in my Sent items?

That’s because works by making sure the email content is removed from your friend’s mailbox. Your mailbox is yours and you are in control, but that can’t be said for your friend. He may or may not delete the email, or worse - may even forward it!
As a best practice, we encourage users to delete emails from their Sent items after sending a That way, there will be no trace of your email’s content in either your inbox or your friend’s.

I am not able to append to addresses in Gmail?

When you type and select an email address in Gmail's Compose window, it encloses the address in a shaded box. To edit the address, simply double-click over the box. Now you can change to

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